How Implementing a Proactive Recruiting Model Can Transform Your Company and Improve Hiring Processes

June 23, 2017

Is your firm proactive or reactive when it comes to recruitment strategy? This week Michael Krug, talent acquisition manager for Hoag Hospital, joined us on Hire Power Radio. Michael’s expertise is in building quality talent pipelines and developing effective recruitment and sourcing strategies through the use of technology and advanced analytics. During his time on Hire Power Radio, Michael discussed the difference between proactive and reactive recruiting, and how organizations can best strategize to improve their hiring and recruitment processes.


Hire Power Radio- How to Place Talent at a Company with a Crappy Reputation

June 8, 2017

Listen to our interview with Tom Chaparro from the Newport Group on HirePower Radio. Our topic: How to Place Talent at a Company with a Crappy Reputation. Live on Orange County's only business radio station, OC Talk Radio!


The mission of our show is to give entrepreneurs solutions to their most difficult hiring problems. We are going to discuss proven techniques in effectively landing the most talented people to help your company grow successfully.

Hosted by Rick Girard! @rick_girard



Tom Chaparro

Executive Vice President

As Senior Executive Recruiter and Division Manager of our Orange County Office, Mr. Chaparro combines deep, hands-on expertise in a variety of verticals, with an uncanny business insight for the international marketplaces in which his business partners operate. With more than 25 years of executive search experience, and an unmatched knowledge of the real estate development, construction and oil & gas industries, Tom identifies and places proven mid to senior level executives in his respective practice areas, helping candidates achieve new career goals and clients build the teams that both shape and lead their respective markets. Prior to joining Newport in 2010, Tom spent 9 years as Founder and CEO of Chaparro Advisors, a top-tier, nationally recognized retained executive search and consulting organization. Prior to founding his own firm, Tom served as VP and GM at Management Solutions, Inc., until its acquisition by TMP World Wide/ in late 1999.